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Travel Guide Apps Sponsored by Palazzo Versace and Grand Hyatt

How Do We Help Hotels, Resorts, Tourist Boards, Airlines & More?

While inspiring people to explore destinations, we send Thousands of our Mobile, Tablet and TV users to our sponsors' websites each month

Our apps combine our 100% Original Hi-Res Photography, HD Videos, Male & Female Travel Tips and Story-Telling... every day our apps inspire people to explore exciting destinations, stay at lavish hotels, enjoy fun tours and fly with comfortable airlines. Our App Sponsorship Packages are tried, tested and proven to increase brand exposure and drive direct bookings to Hotels, Resorts, Tourist Boards, CVB's, Airlines, Restaurants, Tourist Attractions, Bars, Nightclubs & more! They include...
  •    In-App Advertising: 1 clickable advert sits exclusively on the home screen of a travel app that we create for your relevant destination
  •    In-App Content Marketing: Photos & videos of your brand are featured in our iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV apps
  •    Push Notifications: We send weekly push notifications, promoting your brand (and your special offers) to our iPhone, iPad & Android users
  •    Content Creation: We capture & edit photos and videos of your brand (which you can use), and we share them with our app users and social media followers
  •    Social Media Marketing: We promote your brand to our 15,000+ highly engaged followers on Instagram and Facebook
  •    Featured Blog Posts: We write a blog post about your brand (like this one) and promote it using push notifications, e-mail marketing and Facebook ads
   Want to See Our Apps in Action? Check out this Video of our Go To Rio App

Brands We've Worked With... Meet Our App Spnsors

We proudly send thousands of people each month from our apps directly to the Websites of Palazzo Versace, Grand Hyatt and Bandos Maldives

Case Study 1: Driving Direct Hotel Bookings From Our App & Social Media

As the official sponsor of our Go To Dubai App, the 5-Star Palazzo Versace Dubai hotel enjoys a premium position in the app

Case Study 2: How Our App Drives Direct Bookings to Grand Hyatt

As the official sponsor of our Go To Rio App, the 5-Star Grand Hyatt Rio de Janeiro hotel enjoys a premium position in the app

Push Notifications: Reach Your Audience in an Instant

We send push notifications straight into people's pockets, promoting your brand and your special offers... such as this notification which was opened by people in 35 Countries within 30 Seconds

Push Notifications for Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Brands

Digital Content Creation: Videos, Blog Posts & More

We've flown to 43 countries, capturing thousands of photos and hundreds of hours of video! We create captivating content that our audience enjoys and brands love to repost; whether it's showcasing a destination, hotel, resort, airline, tour, restaurant, bar or nightclub.

To position Bandos Maldives as a fun island choice for families and couples alike, we brought our drone and GoPro out (with all the accessories) and created this high-energy video that truly shows our audience how much fun you can have on this little island!

We created the following video for Quincy Jones' Bar at Palazzo Versace Dubai to showcase the hotel's nightlife offering, and it was an instant hit on Instagram and Facebook! Check out Q's Bar & Lounge...

Social Media Marketing

We have a highly engaged social media audience of more than 15,000 followers on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Due to our high engagement rates on Instagram, we often receive the same amount of likes and comments as an influencer with 35,000 followers; and our Pinterest posts get re-pinned up to 150 times each. We share content that our followers enjoy, as well as content that brands love to repost

Increase Your Press Coverage and Reach New Audiences

Our apps and your brand are featured in travel, technology and business publications when you partner with us

Why Work with Nat and Mase?

We're friendly, we're professional, we work hard and we take pride in everything we do

We designed and developed the website you're using right now, we create all of our own mobile, tablet and tv apps; and we've flown to more than 40 Countries together capturing tens of thousands of photos and videos. We're born, bred and based in London, we're a great team, we work really well together and we've been doing so for 19 YEARS! Mase has spent the last 16 years creating websites and mobile apps for the UK Government, Cisco, JP Morgan, BBC Worldwide, Sky TV, Channel 4, Barclays, UBS Investment Bank, Experian, Betfair and more. After obtaining her Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Occupational Psychology, Nat entered the world of HR and recruitment. For the past 7 years, Nat has been the UK Head of Recruitment for the French beauty brand L'Occitane. As we have such a great love for travel, our sole aim is to make travel more accessible and enjoyable to everyone, and in the process, inspire people to explore new destinations.