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Feeding (and Getting Mobbed By) Hungry Stingrays

As a family of 14 fairly-large stingrays approach one’s boat at some speed, you will naturally feel quite nervous if you don’t know what to expect. Pictured is our first ever Stingray experience, as you can probably tell by the uncomfortably nervous grin on Mase’s face... and once we got used to these friendly fish pushing us back and forth, it was no longer intimidating, but instead an amusing and enjoyable experience sliding food into their mouths

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Cycling Leisurely Around the Main Island

If you don’t own a bicycle at home, the chances are that you wouldn’t have ridden one for years! For us, it’s always a shaky start when we get on a bike as we have to re-learn how to ride one. We’ve hired bicycles in Vaitape on Bora Bora’s mainland and while these bikes were fairly old (and a little rusty), they served their purpose and allowed us to explore the island whilst laughing at each other’s wobbly technique and getting some much-needed exercise


Champagne and Strawberry Sunsets on the Lagoon

Being British, drinking is definitely one of our past-times; but one thing we can’t achieve in the UK is to enjoy a drink whilst dressed in a robe and slippers, perched on a balcony in 30°C heat, hanging over a turquoise lagoon and watching in awe as the sun disappears behind a mountain! If you’re like us and you’re honeymooning in Bora Bora, your hotel will likely place complimentary Champagne and a bowl of fruit in your room

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Fitness & Leisure

Jumping From Our Overwater Bungalow to Swim in the Lagoon

There are 2 main things that attracted us to Bora Bora as our honeymoon destination - the brightly-coloured turquoise lagoon and the overwater bungalows on wooden stilts that sit on the lagoon. Although the lagoon is colder than it looks and is very salty (!!) - simply rolling out of bed and diving into a turquoise lagoon for an energising swim is what dreams are truly made of!

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Driving a Drop Top Buggy Around the Main Island

Apart from the surreal moment that a stray dog attempted to jump up and attack our moving car, and another moment that we got caught in torrential rain, we thoroughly enjoy driving around Bora Bora’s coastal roads in a little yellow convertible buggy! Having a car is the best way to get around the main island and stop off at as many deserted beaches as you like. Our car rental company of choice is Avis Rent a Car in Matira (


Sunbathing on Deck... No Beach Required

Nat loves sunbathing... and she can happily lay on a beach all day, every day, for the duration of a holiday! One of the many great things about Bora Bora is that several of its resorts have overwater bungalows, all complete with wooden decking for sun-worshippers to enjoy the same perks as a beach - minus the pesky sand! On our deck, we had the pleasure of watching reef sharks and stingrays casually passing us by. Bliss

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