Relaxation & Sunbathing

Being Beach Bums on Bandos Island

Put ya hands in the air, and wave ‘em like you just don’t care! There aren’t many experiences more satisfying than laying on a pristine Maldivian beach, soaking up the sunshine and watching the crystal clear Indian Ocean rush towards your sandy feet. The beauty of a Maldivian resort inhabiting an entire island is that its guests are never more than a few footsteps away from the sea and sand

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Swimming & Snorkelling

Searching for Stingrays, Sharks & Other Sea Life

If you ever witness Mase in the sea, you can guarantee that he has a GoPro action camera strapped to his wrist (with a GoPro Dome Port for split-shot photos!) - in the hope that he captures a selfie with a stingray or a reef shark. Staying at a resort that has its own house reef (such as Bandos Maldives), it’s almost guaranteed that you will come face-to-face with eagle rays, black tip reef sharks and a host of other tropical fish - swimming right up to the shore of the island’s beaches

Marine Tours & Excursions

Exploring the Indian Ocean from a Glass Bottom Boat

If you’re in the Maldives with a baby or toddler (like us with our 1-year old daughter), then unfortunately they will be too young to snorkel or scuba dive. Fear not... they can still explore the beauty of the Indian Ocean! Resorts such as Bandos Maldives offer a glass bottom boat tour, giving guests an enormous window to the underwater world. Our boat driver provided us with complimentary bottles of water and a picture-book of all the species of fish in the Maldives, so we knew what we were looking at in the ocean. Great fun, and educational for adults and children alike!

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Island Walks

Exploring Bandos Island on Foot

Have you ever wondered what life would be like on a desert island? We’re not suggesting that you visualise yourself as Tom Hanks’ character in the movie Castaway (!!) but imagine being on a tropical island laden with palm trees, surrounded by the sea and the sound of crashing waves... an island which you could explore on foot from one end to the other, in just 15 minutes. Exploring a Maldivian island like this, you often find yourself completely alone and undisturbed on a stretch of beach, with no company other than tiny crabs burrowing holes in the sand. Pure bliss

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Animals & Wildlife

Lizard-spotting, Bat-watching and Caterpillar-seeking

Do you love wildlife? If you do, then you’ll be just like us and spend most of your time looking high, low, left and right when strolling around your chosen Maldivian island. We wish that we had a permanent wildlife guide with us to tell us the names of each animal we’d see as we casually stroll. On a single day, we could spot tiny crabs, large crabs, red centipedes, super-long millipedes, colour-changing lizards, chunky caterpillars and massive bats (with hawk-like wing spans) flying from palm tree to palm tree!