Sightseeing & Attractions

Exploring the Louvre Palace and Museum

When you arrive at the busy Napoleon Courtyard, you cannot help but be in complete awe of the spectacular giant pyramid taking centre stage amidst the grand palatial grounds which surround you. The Louvre Museum occupies this vast palace, and whilst inside wandering between the galleries, you can feel yourself eerily being transported through several different eras in time - from Byzantine to Renaissance to ancient Greece and Rome

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Spending Hours in Sephora’s Flagship Store on Champs-Élysées

While Nat is in Paris, one of her must-do activities is to stock up on her favourite beauty products that she can’t buy in the UK. As a big fan of beauty and cosmetics, it’s a shame that Nat’s favourite store (in the World) - Sephora - doesn’t have any stores in The UK. On the other hand, it gives us a great excuse to come to Paris. Once, when Mase was dragged into a Sephora store against his will, he found that they had a very impressive selection of Cologne

Relaxation / Romance

Watching the Sunset Over the River Seine

Nat has always loved sunsets and she’s convinced Mase to start liking them too - as long as he can bring their GoPro camera and capture a timelapse while they’re watching! There is something very romantic about watching the sun slowly go down amongst an array of ever-changing fiery colours in the sky. The Alma Bridge location is certainly more than worthy for a marriage proposal

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Sightseeing & Entertainment

Enjoying the Freestyle Football at the Sacré-Coeur Basilica

We could stand up and gaze at the wizard that is Iya Traore all day long without getting bored. This Guinean-born Guinness World Record holder has chosen one of the most picturesque locations in Paris to perform his jaw-dropping football stunts. If you watch him at his lamp post from one angle, you can enjoy a view of the Sacré-Coeur Basilica behind him; and from another angle, you can marvel at a panoramic view of Paris behind him. This is the perfect definition of dramatic entertainment

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Architectural Photography

Experimenting with Long Exposure Photography at Arc de Triomphe

While Nat spends hours in the Sephora beauty store on Champs-Élysées, Mase kills time only 800 metres away at the Arc de Triomphe, armed with a camera and a tripod. Mase is no photographer but he is a bit of a technology geek and he loves gadgets; so he learned how to adjust the shutter speed and ISO setting on his and Nat’s camera to achieve this photo. Paris a.k.a The City of Light could not be more perfect for night-time photography as all of the City’s many iconic landmarks appear to be illuminated at night


Bar-Hopping in Saint-Germain des Prés

If you’re in the mood for a low-key evening of cocktail sipping, then the chilled-out neighbourhood of Saint-German is a calmer alternative to Rue Oberkampf and Bastille. We can personally recommend spending an evening sampling cocktails in Emporio Armani Caffé, Café Mabillon, Bar 3 and Bar du Marché. Please Note: The legal age to buy alcohol in France is 18

Walking & Exploring

Spotting the Street Sign Stick Men Across the City

One of Mase’s habits is to be constantly looking around, observing every little detail of what’s going on around him. As well as looking out for the Invader mosaic art on the facade of selected buildings around the City, Mase also enjoys spotting all of the different street signs, which have been artistically and comically modified by French artist Clet Abraham. There are dozens of signs to look out for, but the struggling man is our favourite!

Eating Out

Seeking the Perfect French Chocolate Fondant

Also known internationally as Molten Chocolate Cake or Lava Cake, we often choose this dessert whenever we dine at any restaurant in France. Very few chefs bake this delicious cake to perfection, some are not-soft-enough, some are too soft, some have a middle that is too runny and some have a middle that is too thick! We are still on the quest to find the perfect chocolate fondant and will eat it every time we return to Paris