It’s no secret that Alaska has some of the most breathtaking snowy landscapes on Earth, full of glacial valleys and untamed wilderness.

If you’re fuelled by adrenaline and you appreciate winter sports, the best way to get a feel of a true Alaskan experience is by dog sledding. This is truly the ultimate way to enjoy the beauty of the Last Frontier, and in an adventurous way at the same time.

Only by sailing on a cruise ship will you experience the magnificence and grandeur of the Alaskan shoreline, so you should consider this mode of travel. You will also see several glaciers and remote places accessible only by water.

Dog sledding is one of the most popular and fun activities in Alaska, and cruise lines offer many excursions when cruising to Alaska. Racing through the stunning wild landscape of Alaska should be at the top of your bucket list when you’re visiting the 49th state.

Dog Sledding Tour Through the Snow and Trees

What’s the best time of year to dog sled in Alaska?

Hit the snow from late November to early April for the ultimate dog sledding adventure in Alaska! This is when the landscapes transform into a winter wonderland, offering perfect conditions for you and your furry friends to glide through the pristine wilderness. It’s a magical time where every day feels like a snowy holiday!

Do Alaskan sled dogs get cold?

Think of Alaskan sled dogs as the superheroes of winter! With their thick, double-layered coats, they’re built to withstand the chill of the Alaskan wilderness. While they love frolicking in the snow, their human companions ensure they stay warm and toasty during rest times. So, no chilly paws here, just tails wagging in the snow!

Is dog sledding ethical?

In Alaska, dog sledding is more than just a sport or adventure; it’s a way of life and a tradition that honors the incredible bond between humans and dogs. Ethical dog sledding operations treat their canine athletes like family, ensuring they receive top-notch care, love, and respect. It’s all about mutual happiness and health! PETA – on the other hand – treat dog sledding as an unethical activity.

Why do dog sledders say mush?

Shout out to the French for this one! “Mush” comes from the French command “Marche!” meaning “to walk” or “to march.” Over time, it morphed into the musher’s rallying cry in the snowy terrains of Alaska. Today, saying “mush” is your way to cheer on your furry team, embarking on a thrilling ride through the snow!

What is the Iditarod?

Imagine the Super Bowl of dog sledding—that’s the Iditarod! It’s a legendary race that tests the endurance and bond between musher and their dog team, covering around 1,000 miles of Alaska’s most breathtaking but challenging terrains. The Iditarod is not just a race; it’s a celebration of Alaska’s history, the spirit of adventure, and canine companionship.

Is an Alaskan husky a wolf or a dog?

Alaskan Huskies are all dog, through and through! These furry athletes are a mix of various breeds, tailored to create the ultimate sled dog—fast, durable, and with a love for running in the snow. Though they may howl like wolves under the Alaskan moon, their hearts are loyal to their musher teammates.

How much should you tip a dog for sledding?

While the dogs would love a good belly rub or a tasty treat as their tip, it’s their human counterparts who guide the sled. For these hardworking mushers, a tip of 10-20% of your excursion cost is a generous way to say thank you for an unforgettable adventure. Remember, a happy musher means a happy husky team!

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So, is it worth going dog sledding in Alaska in 2024? Check out some of these great destinations to sled til your heart’s content…

Seward: A Port City with Fjords & Glaciers

Seward - Boats Docked in Alaska

Seward is home to the oldest dog sledding kennels in the world. A family-run dog sledding tour of this place will give visitors an unforgettable and well-rounded dog sledding experience.

Champion huskies will take you past mountains, lush forests and canyons on a sled with wheels so that you can marvel at the scenery.

Fairbanks: Mountain Ranges, Rivers & Lakes

Fairbanks with Trees and Mountains

The northern city of Fairbanks offers year-round dog sledding tours to the beautiful backcountry with the bonus of interacting with the stars with paws and their adorable puppies.

As you embark on a ride you will get an opportunity to master techniques for running the sled dogs, even in the summer season when there is no snow on the ground.

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Juneau: Alaska’s Capital City

Juneau Cruise Ship Port and Cable Car in Alaska

If you want to have a bang for your buck, take a helicopter ride to Juneau’s Mendenhall Glacier for the once-in-a-lifetime dog sledding experience.

You will be met by huskies at an authentic dog sledding camp that will pull your sled on the massive glacier over the cracks of colossal ice sheets.

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Skagway: Re-Live the Gold Rush

Skagway Boat on Sea in Alaska Fog

Southeast Alaska is home to one of the state’s most authentic dog sledding experiences, including a first-hand experience about the sport from Iditarod mushers.

After cuddling some of the newborn puppies, you will embark on a ride past awe-inspiring mountain scenery and hear tales about the gold rush and gruelling dog races that take place over a thousand miles.

Denali National Park: 6 Million Acres of Wilderness

Denali National Park in Alaska

Denali National Park is not only the most popular destination in Alaska but one of the best places to gain insight into the sport of dog sledding. Run by Iditarod champions, a dog sledding experience here will remain etched in memory forever.

Interact with budding husky puppies, watch how they are trained and be regaled by the enthralling tales of the mushers. A mushing lesson will also reveal the ins and outs of the sport to you.

Conclusion: Is it Worth Going Dog Sledding on Your Alaska Vacation?

As you zip up your parka jacket and step into the frosty embrace of Alaska, ready for the dog sledding adventure of a lifetime, remember: you’re about to partake in a tradition as old and majestic as the snowy peaks themselves. With the howls of excitement from your furry teammates echoing through the air and the sled beneath your feet, you’re not just a visitor; you’re part of the pack, racing through the heart of winter’s wonder.

From the exhilarating shout of “mush” to witnessing the endurance of the legendary Iditarod, every moment spent dog sledding in Alaska is a story you’ll tell for years to come. And as you bid farewell to your canine companions, remember that this isn’t just about the thrill of the ride—it’s about the bonds formed and the memories created in the breathtaking beauty of the Alaskan wilderness.

So, bundle up, embrace the adventure, and let the spirited barks of the Alaskan huskies guide you to the snowy escapade of your dreams. Alaska awaits, with open arms and paw prints in the snow, for you to discover the magic of dog sledding.

Plan Your Dog Sledding Trip to Alaska

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