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Nat and Layla on Cala Garibaldi Beach - Caprera, Sardinia (Italy)
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Flying With a Baby – My Top 5 Tips

Hands up, who loves the buzz of booking a holiday? I know I do, and once we’ve dipped into the holiday pot and got our destination, flight and hotel set; the next thing on my mind as a new (well, relatively new) mummy is how we will survive the trip […]

How to Take Underwater Split Shot Photos
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How to Take Half Underwater Split-Shot Photos

If you’re one of those people who we tricked into following us on Instagram (haha!) then you will have seen us share our half underwater, half overwater split-shot photos (a.k.a split level photos a.k.a over-unders) from places such as Maldives, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Croatia and Sardinia. A question that we get […]

Woo Bar Sunset - W Hotel in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
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Marry Me! The Top 10 Most Romantic Places to Propose

Even the most confident person on Earth can completely stress themselves out when trying to come up with romantic marriage proposal ideas. Asking the person you love to spend the rest of their life with you doesn’t necessarily need to be a daunting task. Trust me, I’ve done it… okay […]